123-Reg UK Coupons for January 2012

Attention: all 123-reg coupon end with January 31st ,2012

How’s 2012 shaping up for you? maybe lots of coupon. 123-REG already offered some of their best ever deals, launched  their versatile new Virtual Private Server range.

If the year continues like this, it’ll be a good one – so let’s see 123-reg  January coupon newsletter together.

Your last chance to make big savings

January’s nearly over, so you’ll need to move fast to bag a bargain in our January Sale. We’ve slashed the prices of some of our premium products.

Grab web hosting at 25% off or a .me domain name with a 33% discount – or explore our other offers. You’d better hurry though – the sale finishes on 31st January.

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Look out: new domains coming soon!

If you have a spare $185,000 lying around, you might be considering spending it on your very own domain name extension. If not, maybe you’re watching domain name developments with interest.

The biggest change to the domain name market for years started in earnest earlier this month. We explain what’s going on and what it means for you.

What new domain names are on the horizon? >

Performance, flexibility and value from a VPS

Virtual Private Servers are a fast, flexible type of web hosting where you can choose how much space and capacity you need. What’s more, a VPS gives you freedom to install anything you want – so it’s perfect for web development work.

But a VPS isn’t just for techies. The extra capacity makes it ideal for business websites, giving you space to expand and handle traffic spikes. And from just £9.99 a month, a VPS doesn’t have to break the bank.

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Do something differently in 2012

If you’re freelance or you run a business, you’ve probably fallen back into your usual routine since Christmas. However, as it’s the start of the year, we thought we’d suggest a few changes that could bring you great results.

Six things to do differently this year >

Grab 40% off .co domain names

We’ve introduced lots of new domain name extensions over the last couple of years, and one of the most popular is .co. This versatile, short domain name extension is great for all kinds of websites.

What’s more, we’ve hacked 40% off the standard price of .co.domains – meaning you can pick one up for just £17.99.

Find your perfect .co.domain >

That’s all for this month, but don’t forget to keep checking our blog for more insights and advice.

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